Just Published: Contemplation

Contemplation - Fine silver and 24kt gold, goldfish themed pieces.

Just received the good news! Contemplation will be published in The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry and More (2013 Calendar)!

For more details, please visit http://www.hollygage.com/pages/theartanddesignofmetalclayjewelrycalendar.html.

Press Release: The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry and More 2013 to be released end of October 2012 

The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry and More Calendar 2013 published by Holly Gage of Gage Designs is scheduled for release at the end of October 2012. The 28 page collectors’ calendar features a variety of jewelry and other sculptural creations made from the newest and most innovative material to hit the jewelry world in years, Metal Clay. The calendar highlights diverse work from artists around the world brought together in this one dynamic publication of influential metal clay designs.

Holly Gage, the creator of The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry and More 2013 8 ½ x 11 wall calendar had a goal in mind when she created the calendar six years ago.  “I wanted to increase awareness of this fantastic medium both within and outside of the jewelry community while showcasing the talents of my peers.  I think the calendar really illustrates the type of detail and artistry being achieved using Metal Clay,” Holly said.

The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry and More 2013 is a juried publication that receives over 300 photos for review.  Out of these photos, 42 of the highest quality and most innovative designs are selected to be featured. This year’s jurors were Christopher C. Darway, Terry Kovalcik, and Christine Norton.  Photographer Corrin Kovalcik was the photography consultant.

The jury had the following to say about the process:

Christopher C. Darway stated, “When I encounter a piece of work I expect to learn something new. As a jurist I look for innovative use of material both technically and in its design. With any “new” material I first apply old design ideas and familiar techniques and work the material until I become comfortable with it.  I believe this normal for most of us. But comfortable is not a place you want to be as an artist. An artist takes us to a different place. Of the 300 or so images we looked at for the calendar project the ones that had that special something were obvious to all of us. There were really good designs where execution was not equal to the idea. These did not make the cut. Other times a poor image prevented us having a good read on the piece. It would be wonderful to handle each piece but that is impossible. All in all the metal clay community has come a long way in the short 15 years this material has been available to us. Imagine the next 15, 30, 60 years? In a hundred years?”

Terry Kovalcik said, “The best impressions of the 300+ pieces submitted for consideration in the The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry and More 2013 calendar is that the work continues to grow and evolve to inspire us all. As the number of alternative metal clay materials and surface treatments grow, a more complex body of new work can be seen emerging from the community. In regards to photographing jewelry, it’s one of the hardest things to capture well. Creating a terrific piece is only part of the process. If the photograph doesn’t capture the intended beauty it will be lost to the viewer. Therefore, every artist needs to bring the same critical eye to photographing their jewelry as they do to the design and creation of their work.”

Christine Norton joined the team this year not only as Holly’s apprentice and juror but also publishing assistant.  “Being invited to sit in on this jury with Chris, Terry and Holly was both a great honor and a tremendous learning experience.  The discussion surrounding each piece was very thoughtful and intense.  We would frequently agree in our scoring but for different reasons and it was interesting hearing what the others were seeing.  I will definitely be approaching my work with new eyes going forward.”

“The jurying is an intense process,” says Holly Gage, “and what interests me most is how the jury panel affects the results each year. Each juror comes to the table as an accomplished artisan with their own Metal Clay experiences and quite different backgrounds. Chris as a metalsmith, certifying instructor and Master’s Registry panel evaluator; Terry as an illustrator, certified instructor and certifying instructor; and Christine as an apprentice, and juror and co-creator of New Directions: Powder Metallurgy (Metal Clay) in a Sheet Metal World. Although each person judged on the same 5 criteria: Innovation, Craftsmanship, High Degree of Excitement, Unique Use of Metal Clay and Degree of Challenge, all of these factors are evaluated through their own personal lenses of experience with students, careers, and design sensibility.”

The artist’s work that you can expect to see are:  Kate Qualley Peterson on the cover, and Christi Anderson, Lorena Angulo, Lisa Barth, Barbara Becker Simon, Julie Beucherie, Jude Carmona, Catherine Davies Paetz, Lila Diamantopoulou, Evelyn Dombkowski, Jonna Faulkner, Joy Funnell, Sophia Georgiopoulou, Liz Hall, Vickie Hallmark, erin l.m. harris, Chu-mei Ho, Kim Jakum, Melissa Lew, Anna Mazon, Laragh McMonagle, Suzanne McNenly, Lesley Messam, Sandy Mikel, Rachel Miller, Kimberly Nogueira, Simone Patout Palmer, Monique Perry, Izabela Safin, Louise Shadonix, Deb Steele, Shannon Steele, Karolina Stefanska, Sally Stevens, Wanaree Tanner, Gordon Uyehara, Priscilla Vassao, Michela Verani, Christopher C. Darway, Terry Kovalcik, Christine Norton, and Holly Gage.

The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry and More will take a new face in the following years. Starting in 2014 it will officially be published as a book.  Holly promises to maintain the same quality and event information as in the calendar and says, “ With the growth of the Metal Clay community, it seems logical for the publication to grow as well. This will open up opportunities for the exposure of additional artists whose work should be shown to the world.”  To see the prospectus for 2014, visit http://www.HollyGage.com.

The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry 2013 is a must have for jewelry lovers and makers alike. There will be a limited printing of the calendar, which will be released at the end of October 2012. The calendar will sell for $23.50 plus shipping. For a sneak peek and to reserve your copy, go to http://www.HollyGage.com.