Peak Bloom of the National Cherry Blossom Festival is Here!

I love this time of year – for me, the blooming of the cherry blossom trees around the Tidal Basin means Spring is here.  It’s a beautiful time to be in DC!

Bloom Watch is reporting that they have reached the Puffy White stage today, meaning that peak bloom is days away!


Celebrating Spring with my new Garden of the East line!  A bit about the pieces:

In Chinese symbolism, the cherry blossom represents feminine strength. In Buddhism, the cherry blossom is a reminder of the transience of life and to live life to its fullest. The cherry blossom is also a symbol of friendship.

Windows are a traditional part of a Chinese garden and are meant to frame or give glimpses of the garden and scenery to those passing through. Each window in a Chinese garden is different and offers a unique perspective – just like the wearer.

All pendants and earrings are made of 100% recycled sterling silver and come on high quality sterling silver chains.  Ear wires are also sterling silver.  Eco-chic, and so Spring!