Traditional Chinese Bookbinding?

Looking for information on:

  • Butterfly binding (hudie zhuang) – I think these are just pasted on the folded edges of the signatures
  • Stitched binding (xian zhuang) – I’m thinking this is probably just an easy signature/stitch binding, but not sure
  • The Chinese Pothi (fanjia zhuang) – Strung like beads on a cord, like blinds.
  • Whirlwind binding (xuanfeng zhuang) – Ultimately replaced the scroll, a transition between scroll and binded books (a binded book rolled up in a scroll). Short pages on top, longer pages on bottom, so can roll up and longer page contains entire book.
  • Concertina binding (jingzhe zhuang) – I know how to do the concertina, but am wondering if the Chinese version is different
  • Wrapped-back binding (baobei zhuang) – Replaced butterfly binding? Using stitching instead of glue, and hides blank pages.