So What Have I Been Working On?

A preserved cherry blossom necklace!  The preserved blossom is from a Yoshino tree.  Preserved forever, it looks as if it is floating in the middle of the pendant. This is the first one I completed, and I’ve been working on it since mid-March. It’s a long process, but if rushed, does not work! Lots of stinky toxic chemicals, but look how beautiful!

The problem is that they are so delicate – you touch them a little too roughly and they fall apart.

This is the text that will go on the card: “”Petals flutter gently in the breeze, like tiny capsules of life, in a beautiful moment of passing. Life is as delicate as these falling petals, easily crushed or bruised. In Buddhism, man’s death is regarded as deliverance from the corrupt world, and is symbolized by the scattering of petals. Cherry blossoms, in their delicate and short lived nature, is a reminder to enjoy life and live life to its fullest. Like the cherry blossom, many don’t realize how beautiful life is until it’s too late.

In China, the cherry blossom is a symbol of feminine dominance and principle. It is also China’s April flower.”

So happy!