FMG, Saul Bell, Lark Publishing…

Good news – Remember the goldfish pendant I made and submitted to the 2008 Fire Mountain Gems competition? I just got my piece back a couple days ago and it was a finalist in the competition. Not bad – 2 years in a row :)!

I also just finished the piece for the Saul Bell competition; this was the toughest piece I’ve done yet – everything made from raw materials – nothing premade/machine made :) Also, first time I metal worked the piece after the firing (shaping). I’ll post the photo I’m submitting in the next day or so. I’m excited it actually worked! Just a couple hints – it’s cherry blossom themed and it’s a cuff.

Currently getting ready to start work on a piece I want to submit to a book in December. I think I’m going to attempt a ring for this one.

Edit:  I Found a Photo of my Work on FMG’s Website!